Let’s Share The Light

Our Journey
Our Journey

My mom lit the very “first” SoHum candle. To her, igniting that flame was declaring an intention. To guide someone through turmoil. To express gratefulness. To inspire my own search for inner peace. 

 That’s where I discovered the hindu mantra “sohum.” “Soooo,” the sound of inhalation. “Hummm,” the sound of exhalation. Together, “I am that”: a oneness, a universal nourishing. This is my design for SoHum. 

When you light your candle, SoHum illuminates your intention — be it a room to smell good, to a life to be more enriched. Together, let’s brighten your awareness that you are safe, you are supported, you are loved. 

A SoHum Guide

Step One

Burn Your Candle

Light your freshly trimmed wick and take a deep breath. While taking in the scent, set an intention. You'll be reminded of your intention each time you catch the scent.

Step Two

Plant Your Intention

When your candle has had its last glow, plant your intention and watch it grow. Clean your jar by placing it the freezer overnight. Pop the wax out and give it a soapy rinse. Add stones to the bottom, then potting soil and bury the seed paper inside.

Step Three

Watch It Grow

Give your seeds some love by occasionally adding water to your jar. Watch the seeds of your intentions grow in just 14-21 days!

Burn with Intention

Time to burn brighter