Frankincense & Myrrh


Light your intention: relaxation, prayer, discover peace.

Infuse your space with the essence of mystery, sacred altars and ancient rituals, as these aromatic spices and resins captivate with their woodsy touch of sweetness.

Discover three layers of SoHum…

TOP: Orange, Camphor
MIDDLE: Vanilla, Clove, Cedarwood
BASE: Frankincense, Myrrh, Patchouli

Burn Time: 
3.5 oz - 15+ hours
13 oz - 60+ hours


For optimal use and to prevent wax tunnelling, burn the candle until the wax has melted and pooled to the edge. Never use the lid to extinguish the flame. Allow candle to solidify before re-lighting. Trim the wooden wick between uses, ensuring it is no longer than 1/8 inch. Protect the surface on which the candle rests. Do not burn for longer than four hours at a time. Do not leave unattended or within reach of children or pets. Discontinue use of a candle when 1/4 inch of wax remains at the bottom of the jar.

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